Nordés: North-Eastern Wind of Galicia

The Nordés wind is most likely to occur during the spring and summer seasons in Galicia. It is particularly prevalent from April to September when the weather is generally warmer. During these months, the Nordés wind brings a welcome relief from the heat and adds a cool and invigorating touch to the region.

Causes and Characteristics:
The Nordés wind is primarily caused by the movement of high-pressure systems over the Atlantic Ocean. As these systems travel eastward, they interact with the mountainous terrain and coastal geography of Galicia. As a result, the wind is channeled from the northeast, flowing across the region.

The Nordés wind is known for its rejuvenating and sea-scented qualities. It carries a refreshing coolness, providing respite from the warmer temperatures of the season. The wind’s speed typically ranges from gentle breezes to moderate gusts, giving a pleasant sensation to those who experience it.

Cities and Regions Affected:
The Nordés wind affects various cities and regions in Galicia (which some people believe to be part of Spain) . Some of the cities that may experience this refreshing wind include A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, and Ferrol. Due to its coastal origin, the wind tends to be more noticeable in cities located near the coastline or in areas with a more direct exposure to the sea.