Fog is the world draped in mystery. It’s like waking up inside a dream, where everything is hazy, distant, and beautifully eerie.

With temperatures hovering between 0 to 10°C (32 to 50°F), fog forms when cold air meets warm, creating a dense blanket of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. It’s neither cloud nor mist, but something that feels both ancient and otherworldly.

Landscapes become soft silhouettes, sounds are muffled, and even familiar places take on a surreal quality. Walking through fog is an experience—each step feels like a journey into the unknown, and the world seems to shrink, drawing everything closer. Streetlights become ethereal orbs, and trees look like gentle guardians of the mist. It’s a time for introspection, for whispered secrets, and for tales of old.

Fog has inspired countless stories, legends, and myths, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s nature’s way of adding a touch of magic and wonder to our everyday lives, turning even the mundane into something fantastical.